Multiple ways to reform your core...

We utilize Pilates reformers, combo chairs, and other accessories to help you stretch, strengthen and tone your body. By combining your fitness goal with our years of experience and training, the equipment allows us to assess your movements and make any needed changes to correct imbalances or improve functionality. You will notice that all of our equipment is manufactured by Balanced Body, the best in the business. If you are seeking a more personalized experience, we also offer private and semi-private sessions. These one or two person sessions allow us to tailor the workout to what you want and need – including cardio,deep stretching and/or taking it to the next level when you are ready!

Check out our Mobile Mat Classes to fit Pilates into your schedule without driving to a studio. You bring a mat, we bring all accessories (balls, bands, rings, rollers, and weights) to your home or business to guide you through a Pilates mat class.

Foundation Reformer Classes

These classes are designed for the beginner or someone wanting a slower pace with an emphasis on form and Pilates basics. Most of the exercises will be done on the reformer. You'll be introduced to other equipment as you progress. We recommend doing four of these classes if you've never taken a Pilates equipment class, so you will be ready to join our Group Pilates Equipment Classes.

  • The pricing for these sessions is $28 to $32, based on whether you choose to puchase a single class or a package of four classes.  
  • Please refer to our scheduling page for times offered and pricing specifics. See below for general pricing information.

Group Pilates Equipment Classes

Here's the value you've been looking for! Group classes (with a maximum of four participants) that utilize the Pilates reformer, the Pilates combo chair, baby arc barrels and more to deliver a fun, highly effective workout focusing on the Pilates principles of breath, concentration, center, control, precision, and flow. Classes are progressive in nature with each student, mentored according to his/her needs and abilities, working to achieve optimal, balanced strength with flexibility.  

  • Prices start at $22 per class
  • Please refer to our scheduling page for payment and pricing details. See below for general pricing information.

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions provide a completely personalized Pilates experience. Our expertly trained instructors will customize a 30 or 60-minute session focused on your issues and goals.

  • Prices range from $35 to $80 per session, depending on purchase options and times selected  
  • If there are two of you who would like to share this workout, the price per person is reduced by 25%

Please call to schedule these sessions individually with the desired instructor.

Mobile Mat Classes

Let us bring Pilates to you!

  • Mobile mat classes are priced at $70 per class, with a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Should you wish to buy a series, we offer a discounted cost of $300 for a 5-week session still with a maximum of 10 participants.  
  • A 24-hour cancellation policy does apply; please add $40 if our travel time exceeds 30 minutes.

Group Pilates Equipment Class Pricing

Good for a whole year from time of purchase

Single Group Pilates Equipment Session – $32
Single Group Pilates Equipment Session – member rate – $23
5 Group Pilates Equipment Sessions – $145
10 Group Pilates Equipment Sessions – $270
20 Group Pilates Equipment Sessions – $500

Foundation Reformer Class Pricing

Good for one month from time of first class

4 Foundation Pilates Classes – new client discount! – $49
Group Foundation Reformer – 4 classes in a month – $112
Group Foundation Reformer-single class – $32


Membership Pricing

Require monthly contract for a year

Group Pilates Equipment – 4 per month contract – $104/month
Group Pilates Equipment – 8 per month contract – $176/month
Group Pilates Equipment – Unlimited monthly contract – $240/month

Most packages have a one-year expiration date, with the exception of the Foundation Reformer Classes and the monthly contract packages, which are good for one month from purchase plus one month from the date of the first class you take. Any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or the session will be charged. Exceptions may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.