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Jessica Heizman

Owner and Instructor

I love Pilates. I started taking Pilates in my early twenties. I was a young television reporter. I ran and worked out at the gym to destress. Between pounding the pavement and wearing pumps everyday, I felt severe low back pain. I went through physical therapy and was introduced to mat and reformer Pilates. It was an instant addiction. I never got bored or dreaded my Pilates workouts. Pilates has made it possible for me to keep running, and even wear high heels from time to time! Five years later I decided to get certified to teach and have been busy helping others find the benefits of Pilates ever since. I love working with all clients, but thrive on helping those who have back pain and/or sports injuries. 

If you have any questions about Pilates, or would like to schedule a Pilates equipment session/mobile mat class please call 513 256-0256, or shoot me an e-mail at jessica@reformyourcore.com.

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Dove Wong

Studio Manager and Instructor

I took my first Pilates class in 1998, soon after I started teaching step aerobics classes. I was looking for something special to add to my classes and saw an instructor workshop coming to town on 'Pilates.' Oh my – this was something different! The joy of the movement, the focus on form, and the immediate lengthening and strengthening in my muscles seemed almost magical. As I continued to learn and teach other forms of group fitness, I made a point of taking weekly Pilates classes to complement all the higher-impact work I was doing as an instructor. As time went on, it became clear that Pilates was an extraordinary form of exercise, one I wanted to share with others too. I took my first mat certification in 2003, became reformer certified in 2005 and have since completed training on the chair and tower. I still take from other instructors weekly and attend Pilates conferences every few years to keep my passion and skills fresh. My goal is simple: I want to help every person who comes through our door discover the inner power and pure joy that Pilates delivers! Call me with any questions at 513 907-2847 or email dove@reformyourcore.com.


Angie Booth-Peters


Angie Booth-Peters has always enjoyed various fitness regimens and started taking Pilates because she heard about its core strength benefits. After her first class, Angie was hooked! Now Angie loves teaching Pilates because it offers something for everyone regardless of fitness level or past injuries. Come ready to laugh and have some fun while getting in a good workout! 


Heather Sommer


Heather Sommer joined our team in 2015 and brings a wealth of knowledge and fun variety to our clients and instructors! Heather trained with esteemed Pilates instructor Julian Littleford in California before moving to Ohio. If you haven't taken from Heather yet, try to stop by on a Thursday morning.